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Pacifica Host Hotels Announced as 35th Largest Hotel Management Company

In a recent survey conducted by hotelbusiness.com and ICD Publications, Pacifica Host Hotels was named as the 35th Largest Hotel Management Company in the United States. The report ranks hotel management companies by 2016 Gross Annual Revenue and also includes other key performance metrics like number of properties managed, number of rooms managed, number of 3rd-party managed, and ownership stake.

Pacifica Host Hotels reported the following metrics from the 2016 fiscal year:
Gross Annual Revenue: $248,600,000
# Properties Managed: 42
# Rooms Managed: 6,211
# Of 3rd Party Managed: 0
Ownership Stake: 42 (100% of assets)

The full Hotel Business 2017 Management Companies report can be found online here: http://www.hotelbusiness.com/links/surveys/results/management_2017.php

About Pacific Host Hotels
Pacifica Host Hotels, a division of Pacifica Companies, is a hotel management and ownership company based in San Diego, CA. Pacifica Host owns and operates over 40 hotel and resort assets in 5 states across the United States. Partnering with strong brands like Marriott International, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Wyndham International, and Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Pacifica Host is a leader in the hospitality industry boasting the rank of the 35th largest hotel management company in the U.S.